The Power of Peace

"Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend."
- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

I woke up this morning with the song “Windows of the World” stuck in my head. It is common for a tune to come to me first thing in the morning and I consider them a form of spirit communication. This melancholy Dionne Warwick song, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, is about the world crying with the rain.

The windows of the world are covered with rain.
There must be something we can do.
Everybody knows whenever rain appears
it's really angel tears.
How long must they cry?
Let the sun shine through.

It is Martin Luther King, Jr. day and I am reminded of his great wisdom and leadership. His ability to inspire and passionately connect with millions and lead them forward in peace to create change. 

This week we inaugurate a new president (I am pausing here to cry because I find it difficult to even record the fact in this journal), a man who is the complete opposite of Dr. King, in his statements, his actions, and plans for government. I see our country heading into a potentially dark time and all of the work done by leaders like Martin Luther King could potentially be undone by this new administration.

Where does that leave us?  What do we do? How do we reclaim our power and stewardship? Martin Luther King had a dream, and so do I.

How do we create lasting change?  This was the reply from my guides...

"Be prepared that our answers may not always be what you want to hear,
but what you NEED to hear. So stay open to us.
You are all here because at a soul level you signed up for this growth.
You elected to be a part of this great change that is taking place.
Find comfort in that knowledge.
Find strength in it.

For if you intended to be here now, 
then you must know that you have everything you need
to not only endure it but to triumph over it.
We want you to understand that
this is a time of EMPOWERMENT
not disempowerment.
You are in such great number now, 
those of you who are truly seeing things as they are,
and it is time for all of you
to let your voices be heard.
To connect with one another in solidarity not division.
To spark the awakening in even more hearts and minds.
These people in 'power' do not have true power at all.
They do not really know what it is.
They believe it is money and influence, 
control by strength and brutality.
You, who see with your hearts, 
who have awakened to the TRUTH
know that true power comes
from the peace you harness within.
This peace cannot be taken from you, EVER, 
but it can spread.
It IS the way to connect.
It IS the way to overthrow these false leaders.
Do not give in to the fear they use to stay in control.
When you cultivate PEACE
you cannot fall victim to their use of fear.

Do not become a prisoner of your minds, 
but create freedom.
Each time you find yourself
going to a place of fear
merely take note of it.
This will allow you
to stop yourself from letting it spread.
If you can observe it when it begins
you can reverse it more easily.
How do you reverse it?
By replacing it with LOVE.

Simply by holding a loving thought in your heart.
It may feel difficult at first
but the more you practice it
the easier it will become to tap into it at all times.

We encourage you
to learn to hold this feeling of love
as often as possible throughout your day.
Hold it in your heart as you drive to the store.
Feel it's warmth as you sit on the train commuting to work.
Practice sending it to the person sitting across the aisle from you,
to the people walking by you on the street.
THIS is the way to spread peace.
This is the way to create lasting change.

Start within.
Fill yourself with LOVE and there will be no room for anything else.
Discover the magic and power of your ability to create change.
You have the power, and you are here to discover that.
You chose to be here for expressly that purpose.
This is your time to live your soul's true purpose and we are here to support you.
Amazing change will happen through each one of you.
Fill yourself with LOVE, 
discover PEACE, and create change!"