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discover your soul's blueprint


what is akashic mandala?


Akasha is a Sanskrit word referring to a primary substance from which all things are formed. Each of us has an Akashic Record that includes all of the experiences we have had in this life and all the lives we have lived previously. 

Mandala is another Sanskrit word that means circle or center. This form has been used as a meditation tool in many cultures for concentrating the mind so that it can move past its boundaries to a place of quiet introspection.

Akashic Mandala, which I developed through my own spiritual and artistic journey, is a marriage of these two forms of self-discovery. My goal is to help you discover your soul's path and to witness its unique beauty.


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Every one of us has a team of spirit guides. Their mission is to keep us aligned with the work our soul has been called to in this lifetime. The Akashic Record is an energetic field of information we can access to better understand the soul’s journey in our present life, and in every life we have ever experienced. Accessing this information can help one understand the particular lessons the soul is working through and to receive the healing perspective and messages your guides have to share with you.

Many artists tap into divine inspiration when creating their work. Through my unique artistic process, I intentionally create artwork in partnership with the divine assistance of spirit guides who lead me as I intuitively design the artwork while in your Akashic Record.  

Every Akashic Mandala is as unique as each person I work with. The work is meant to convey what words cannot always effectively capture, and each has its own unique story to tell. The spiritual communication embedded within the patterns and colors of the mandala is meant for YOU to unlock through meditation.

Your Akashic Mandala creates a unique starting point for a meditation practice that can assist in transcending thought and foster the ability to listen to Spirit in an intentional way. Meditating with your Akashic Mandala will allow you to create space in the present, release stuck energy, limited beliefs and emotions. Through this imaginative meditation process my clients have been able to actively receive the healing energy embedded in the imagery and discover a new perspective on life.